• Share your story!


    Help educate Alaska residents about the healing properties of entheogenic plant medicines and the harm caused by their prohibition! AKEAC is collecting stories about plant and fungi medicines including:

    Psilocybin (“Magic”) Mushrooms

    Iboga (Ibogaine)

    Ayahuasca (and other DMT containing plants)

    Mescaline-containing cacti


    We are looking for personal stories on: 1) the use of plant and/or fungi medicines to heal conditions such as depression, PTSD, anxiety and addiction, 2) legal & workplace issues related to use of entheogens, and 3) any other relevant story or experience that you would like to share with Alaska residents. We plan to share these stories on our website/social media outlets and in press interviews.


    What led you to try entheogenic plant or fungi medicines?
    What was life like before discovering plant medicines?
    What other alternatives did you try?
    What was your first experience like?
    What happened after your experience?
    Did you see any positive or negative effects?
    Did you experience any professional or legal consequences as a result?
    What do Alaska residents need to know about plant medicines?


    Your voice is important! We look forward to hearing your story.