• Our Mission

    The Alaska Entheogenic Awareness Council is an association of practitioners, researchers and advocacy workers who support the use of entheogenic plant medicines for personal healing and growth. We share a common belief that no human being should ever be labeled a criminal for using plant medicines for healing, personal development, or spiritual practice.
    AKEAC aims to inform the public about the therapeutic value of entheogenic plants and fungi. We promote the safe, informed and responsible use of entheogens to support healing and personal development and are working to expand access to entheogenic plants and fungi through community organizing, education and advocacy.
  • Mounting clinical research—and thousands of years of traditional use—suggests that entheogenic medicines could be a crucial missing piece in treating epidemic rates of mental illness, addiction and trauma-related conditions and empower people to realize greater wholeness, purpose and connection.

    Society pays the price of inadequate mental-health treatments in loss of life and in unmet human potential. Those costs are far too high. Innovative methods must be added to our existing health-care system.


    “Increasing scientific evidence and burgeoning clinical experience show that, in the proper context, the use of plant medicines can be a positive adjunct to healing, with lasting positive impacts on mental well-being. In advocating for people's right to access these potentially beneficial traditional modalities, this petition is a step in the right direction."


    - Dr. Gabor Maté - M.D.

  • Alaska has one of the highest alcohol, drug, and suicide death rates in the nation. Alaska's suicide rate remains among the highest in the country — around 30 deaths per 100,000 people. Experts warn that these "deaths of despair" may increase in the wake of Covid19.

    It is time for a change.